Federal Zone Rights

What exactly is the Federal Zone?  

In Mexico, the term Federal Zone refers to the strip of beach that runs the full length along all the coasts of Mexico.  It’s 20 meters wide measured from the high/low tide marks average.  Technically, the strip is called the Zona Federal Maritimo Terrestre, ZoFeMaT (Federal Maritime Land Zone) and is part of the Federal public domain.

Acquiring the Concession to use the Federal Zone does not give ownership rights.

No one, including Mexican Nationals, can own property in the Federal Zone; land in the Federal Zone can be used by everyone and access cannot be restricted or denied .

beach flamingo walk


So yes, you can walk along the beach or even sit on the beach.  BUT, beach furniture and palapas are off limits; they are the sole property of the person or group who has the Federal Zone Concession rights and is paying the annual tax.


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