Cancun Airport in Pilot Program to Eliminate Paper Visas

Cancún International is part of a pilot program to permanently eliminate the use of the paper FMM.

Rather than fill out a form, “normal tourists who come on vacation will not have to fill out the FMM, neither printed nor electronic, and everyone will be granted a permit to stay for 180 days,” according to Sergio González Rubiera, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies in Quintana Roo.

He also clarified that the stamping does not apply to all nationalities. Tourists arriving from Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela and Brazil will be the exception, and may only get 30 days.

There will be some other exceptions as well. Travelers arriving under special circumstances such as with work visas or student visas, will have to use the electronic FMM.

The other Mexico airports with the paperless FMM system are AIFA of Santa Lucia, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and San José del Cabo.

If you have a resident visa from a Mexican consulate and you should complete the CANJE process, now you will NOT receive an FMM form at most airports. To submit your process, you will have to create an account, scan your passport and download your FMM form. Use the QR code below or enter the link below to do it 👇

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