Akumal Turtle Camp 2019, May/June

May was a very exciting, eventful month for the Akumal Turtle Camp 2019.  Our nest count had grown to a total of 55 by the end of May .  We welcomed our first two Tortugueras, Marifer Alemán Gutiérrez from México State and Lupe Rodríguez Beristain from Puebla State, both biologists.  These women come to Akumal’s beaches to work with our program, with 5-4 years of experience with nesting turtles.

May 15, 2019-History was made in Akumal.  It has been 15 years since someone saw a Hawksbill(Eretmochelys imbricate) on the beaches of Akumal and the first official report of one.  The morning started with a report from Akumal Sur that there was a nesting turtle in a swimming pool. The team went immediately to rescue what was to their surprise a hawksbill turtle. She was safely returned to the sea with hopes of her return.

That night just before midnight, another nesting hawksbill arrived at Jade Bay/Playa Tortuga and to the excitement of the team-she nested! A very, very excited team watched in awe as she was properly gave her the identity tags from Akumal.  The team included our two new Tortugueras, their first night on the job-what a welcome!!  Coordinator Maribel Escobedo lead the management of the two events of those special guests with the support of security staff.  We hope for her return, as turtles will nest up to four times a season.   The Hawksbills are seen out on our reef, but normally nest on the shores of Holbox, Contoy Island, and Cozumel, and sometimes in areas of Riviera Maya Tulum.  Akumal 2019 Turtle Camp is very happy for our nest!!

CEA Science Café on May 30th was well attended by the community and visitors.  The topic was “Sea Turtle Threats”.  The group was very engaged in learning the challenges facing this endangered species.  Our beach front owners have the challenge of preventing turtle access to swimming pools, and of eliminating white light, littering, high sound at night and other threats that can hurt nesting turtles, nests, eggs, and hatchlings.

We want to thank all of our beach front owners in Akumal for your collaboration and help continuing to keep the beaches of Akumal “TURTLE FRIENDLY” and ECO-SUSTAINTABLE for all wildlife and natural resources that we depend on it for life.

Akumal Ambulance

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