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Saving The Turtles Over Lunch

When most think of vegetarian food, a flavorless experience of some squishy unpleasant tofu dish they once tried comes to mind. But tucked away on a small street in Tulum is a colorful little vegetarian restaurant whose dishes offer anything but flavorless food. Our experience at El Vegetariano Tulum offered us dishes as colorful as the exterior and  equally as pleasant to the taste buds.

While visiting, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner’s daughter who told us about some of the restaurant’s popular dishes as well her personal favorites – the Champiburger, Falafel, and Vegan Tacos. The menu includes dishes from around the world, exotic beverages, and desserts ranging from cakes, pie, coconut milk ice cream, and other baked goods of the day. Before indulging in the main course we were offered complimentary salsa bursting with flavor. Our choices for the main course included the Champiburger and Chilaquiles. To drink, a refreshing iced tea and golden mango cardamom lassi. Pass up dessert? We think not!  While we waited for carrot cake and coconut ice cream, we packed up our leftovers in our Tupperware (don’t forget to bring yours whenever you enjoy a meal out).  As we did so I couldn’t help but think about what an impact we can all have on our planet.

(Top: Champiburger loaded with mushrooms, carrot cake,  floral mango lassi. Bottom: chilaquiles, flavorful salsa, coconut ice cream loaded with shredded coconut — ¡ and beautifully scented handmade soaps!)

Eliminating straws and plastic to-gos are a great start for saving marine life, but let’s ask ourselves, can more be done? Sea turtles that are so near and dear to us here in Akumal have been the innocent victims of bycatch by the MILLIONS in the past 20 years alone. The number sounds exaggerated, but is terrifyingly true according to recent data.  According to Bryan Wallace, science advisor for the Sea Turtle Flagship Program at Conservation International, “Fisheries bycatch is the most accurate threat to worldwide sea turtle populations today. Many animals die or are injured as a result of these interactions.”

So why not give a vegetarian dish a try once in a while? Start with a flavorful experience at El Vegetariano Tulum where you can enjoy a meal and save the tortugas at the same time!

El Vegetariano Tulum

On Calle Sol (2 blocks east of the highway) between Calle Centauro Sur and Calle Orion Sur

Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun 11:00 AM-10:00 PM/ Closed Thursdays       Phone 01 985 108 0530

— contributed by Guest Foodie, Sam Flores



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    • It’s on Calle Sol (2 blocks east of the highway) between Calle Centauro Sur and Calle Orion Sur. Thanks for the correction!

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