Akumal Artist Residency Events

Information from Kim at AkumalArtistResidency:

Join us—

THIS WEDNESDAY!!!    8/31    1–5 pm

Open studio/Meet the Artists! 

Created by Calvin Babich on Half Moon Bay


Calvin Babich is a sculptor from the U.S. He will be building cairns on the ocean and will also be carving a big piece of stone he had delivered to the jungle!

Emma White is a painter from Australia. She will be using the inspiration of the jungle to paint landscape canvases.

Stop by the jungle to see the new space and meet the new artists! Wildlife and refreshments provided…



artist2We are about 2km North of Akumal, on jungle side near Organic Yoga.  If you know where Bart’s new distillery is, drive past it and then keep going. We are past distillery– end of second road, big green building on right.  If not, follow signs to Organic Yoga and then keep going down the road!



@akumalresidency or Facebook


Future events —

Sunday Salon       Sunday, 9/11 5-7pm

Come see works in progress, drink vino and engage in a guided discussion on an artist relevant theme

Final Vernissage      Saturday, 9/24     More info and location TBA

Come see the artists final work. Celebrate!

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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