What’s New Around Akumal

Maybe you already know this, but it’s new to us:

Local artist Jake Klone was looking for someone who could make him a car key — locked out at the library. He got two names from the expats and locals in Playa del Carmen group on Facebook.:  Juan @ 984-165-3586 and Eber @984-188-6164. Jake called Juan, who came by in about 20 min. and tried keys that he had, but they didn’t work.  He then manufactured a key for Jake on the spot and presto, a new car key.   “He was there less than an hour and asked for 800 pesos, but I gave him 1000. He was a really nice guy too and I would happily recommend him to anyone. What a service! Then about a week later I found my key in a place where my daughter must have hidden it lol. Well at least now I have a spare!”

[Lt.] That section of bad road near CEA has been paved with adocretos.  According to the taxistas who hang by the arch, road repairs will also be made between the arch and Oxxo.  [aside: Still a parking nightmare for restaurant-goers.]

[Rt.]  Several sections of the road in the new colonia of Akumal Pueblo are being graded, thanks to a private citizen.  Residents have been slogging through the mud and pot holes for about 2 yrs.  Notice there’s only 1 pole and electrical wire . . . take the hint, CFE.



Marti Johnston is back! She’s working for Jen out at the compound.

Marti is back!



Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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