Vecinos Update, November 2019

At our 2019 Vecinos membership meeting we embarked on a new system for financing the Vecinos Association. Before that meeting, we raised funds by soliciting money for each project. At the meeting we voted to institute an annual dues program. The success of the program is dependent upon full participation by the entire community of property owners. At the present time about two-thirds of our community have paid their dues.

Our community is not regularized and has not been accepted by the Municipality of Tulum. This means we receive no government funds for the building and maintenance of our infrastructure services. With our members support Vecinos has accepted this responsibility. This is the reason we need to collect dues. Dues fund the road system, community maintenance services, solar streetlights, pluma entry gate with 24-hour guard service, and the building of our community center with the new police station and community administrative offices.

Being the first year of the dues program, it has been an experiment in understanding how much money in total we would need for an annual budget. Because all of our community owners have not paid their dues, we are short on the funds needed for the security program. We must ask for additional funds of $140,000 pesos to maintain the pluma operation through the end of December.

Terry Richardson who is the head of our security program is sending out a letter listing community owners who choose not to be Vecinos members or pay their dues. It disturbs both of us to do this, but we feel it is wrong that a few must pay for everything, while those who do not pay, as well as their rental guests, benefit from services they are not paying for.

I know this has been a hard year financially for us all and anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, Terry’s and my letters will get some people to join and pay their dues.

— Some positive news:

  • Fiber Optics: installation begins the end of November. When the installation is complete Telmex will contact owners to sign up.
  • This week we met with the Director of CAPA. They will complete the rebuilding of the sewage processing center in Akumal Pueblo this year. The new plant system is designed to handle our local needs including North Akumal. The Pueblo’s ground infrastructure is being installed as I write. CAPA is working on the plans for Akumal Norte’s system, which when completed, we will share with the membership. The plans should come out sometime at the end of 2020. State and federal governments will provide funding to install the system. Owners will be responsible for the cost of connecting to the new system in front of their homes or condos.
  • We have also been working with different government offices to establish traffic rules and other standards for running of our community.

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, personal checks or cash. Please use the attached form to send in your contributions.

Thank you for your continuing support of our Akumal Norte through your membership in Vecinos.


Thank You,

Dan Freeman,  President

Asociación de Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.


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