Vecinos’ Sargasso Relief Committee Update

The Sargasso Committee of Vecinos de Akumal Norte would like to clarify Vecinos’ role in sargasso relief projects. The Committee has been investigating a couple of interesting approaches which involve dealing with the weed out at sea before it comes ashore.  The installation of artificial barriers is no longer being considered.  Neither the Vecinos’ Committee nor Vecinos de Akumal Norte is supporting a specific plan to deal with sargasso at this time.  First, research, then propose a plan.
One of the methods being investigated involves using boats far out at sea to capture and redirect the sargasso  into  currents that will carry it away from our shoreline.  In addition, MIT has an interesting project working with  U.S. marine engineers in conjunction with the United Nations to again deal with the sargasso well out at sea.  Also, Bahía Principe has removed their barrier and the committee is checking to see  what exactly they’re going to do.
When the Vecinos’ Committee has determined the best, and cost effective plan to handle sargasso in Akumal Norte, the Vecinos Board will get the information out to one and all.

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