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Asociación of Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.

Email: [email protected] Mexican Land Line: 984-875-9096 Mexican Cell: 984-801-637



Dear Vecinos Members and Non-Members:

As my second term as president begins, I see Vecinos coming of age. From the beginning volunteer organization, we are taking on more and larger projects. Our job as the legal representative of Akumal Norte is to bring our community to completion and be recognized as such on all levels of government.

People come and purchase in Akumal Norte because it is a paradise where we can have peace and enjoy all that it has to offer. As time goes by you begin to see that conservation and preservation of the environment and marine life are important parts of our lives here. This is another reason the systems that Vecinos is installing are important. They offer better service conveniences and further the preservation of the environment.

Please, take a minute and think about the taxes you pay at home and the services they pay for. Then, realize we receive no government funding of any kind. The systems we are installing are paid for through our donations only.

The community of Akumal Norte has the same monetary requirements as other communities: Roads, street lights, water system, sewage system, security, garbage pickup, recycling, etc. The initial developers did not put in the systems, so it necessary for us to do so. The completion of the development is required to gain government acceptance and recognition. This will qualify Akumal Norte for some government service programs.

I’m receiving positive emails about Vecinos’ progress on current projects, and they express their support for completion of our development. The value of the entire community is improved with the completion of each project. These projects are costly, and require not only donations from Vecinos members, but the entire community. It is hard for me to justify to those who continue to contribute, why so many have not. Please help your community by joining Vecinos and donating to finish our development.




Following is a list projects we have initiated and those that have been completed.

Car tags and the pluma: Terry Richardson created the pluma (entry gate) with much work, contributions, and a lot of his own money. It is imperative that we support Terry in his creation of the new tag program. As with all new programs we need your feedback to perfect the process. Tags can be purchased from Terry at $100 pesos each. They are bright yellow, numbered, and hang on your rearview mirror. They offer easy visibility for the guard to give quick entrance. Vehicles without tags will not be denied entrance, just stopped and asked their destination. Please contact Terry at [email protected] today for purchase of tags and tag program information. In addition, Vecinos is asking community members to donate $200 dollars each to support the pluma service program.

Sewage Project: Working with David Ortiz we have joined with Central Akumal and CEA to participate in the federal sewage project. Akumal Norte has already been surveyed and the roads marked as to where the sewage lines are to be laid. The federal plan is in. We are hoping installation will be within the next ten months. The committee chair for this project is Henning Bartsch. As soon as I have more information I will publish it.

Police Station: At my meeting with the President of Tulum, plans were set forth for the creation of a police station in our main park. Tulum’s president is donating the permits and associated city cost for the project. Copies of the plans are attached to this email. The station will be manned by police. It will be located at the southeast corner of the park across the street from La Serena. This in combination with the pluma will help to maintain traffic control and security in the development.

Fiber Optics: Our committee chair Richard Pargot met with the Telmex representative in charge of Optic Fiber service for Quintana Roo. To move forward we were asked to develop a form to record information needed for the development of the service here in Akumal Norte. Telmex needs an individual form filled out for every phone line where fiber optic would be installed. If you are not included in this group, you would then need to contact and apply later on your own. If enough people sign up, the actual installation of the cable may be absorbed by Telmex.

Solar Street Lights: We installed 50 solar lights in August. The lights have proven to be a sound investment. This week we will sign a contract for 26 more. The lights meet both government standards for street lights, and do not interfere with our nesting turtles or obstruct the beauty of the night sky. What they do is offer protective light for tourists walking on the road at night, so cars can see them; they also add a degree of security. Initially as you approach them, they are dim; they only come to full light when you pass close to them. Afterwards they return to dim.

New Entrance Road: We are discussing with central Akumal their plans for a new road by-pass and as soon as I know something concrete, I will communicate it to you.

Recycling Program: We met with a representative yesterday who is initiating a recycling plan developed by the government. They will set it up and after a few months we will be dealing with a locally licensed company. I should receive a copy of the plan by email within the next couple of weeks. At that time, I will relay the information to you. Since most owners also rent and are not here much of the time, we will need to work with your managers. If you already recycle this will not interfere with your set-up.

Government Meetings: We are scheduling meetings with government departmental directors.

•  Catastro, for the development of road layout. Understanding the rules for naming the streets and numbering the houses will make it easier to give directions for guests and for better mail and delivery services.

•  Urban Development to gain the guidance needed for writing and enforcing rules for North Akumal: control of construction, noise control, etc.

All of the projects I’ve just described require two elements to succeed, leadership and money. We are 100 members strong and growing. As you come back each year and see the neighborhood maturing into a developed community, understand it is your support through time given and donations that make this possible. We receive little to no funding from the government. It is only through your donations that we can finish the development of our community. Money is needed for the legal fund, the pluma, street lights and the general fund. If you know of owners who are not members, please encourage them to join.

As you can see we are on the move. However, none of this is possible without all of us pulling together. So again, please ask your neighbors to join and if you are not a member please join. Your donations are the only thing that keeps the projects moving toward a Completed Development.

Police Station Plans












Membership and Donation Format

Return to: [email protected]

For Bank Information: USA #302-526-7407 Mexican Cell: 984-177-5709

La información personal es privada. La información de la tarjeta de crédito se destruye después del uso.

Personal information is private. Credit card information is destroyed after use.  

Nombre Completo


Nombre de la propiedad en Akumal

(Property in Akumal)

  Nombre de la administración

(Management Company)

Teléfono fijo en Akumal

(Akumal Landline Phone)

  Celular de México

(Mexico Cell Phone)

Correo Electonico


País de residencia permanente

(Country of Permanent Residence)  







Código postal*

(Zip Code*)

Teléfono (casa)

(Telephone home)

Teléfono (celular)

Telephone (Cell)

Correo electrónico


Por favor marque la cantidad donada al lado de cada categoría

Please mark the amount being donated beside each category

Tipo de tarjeta de crédito:

Credit card type:

  Número de Tarjeta de Crédito:

Credit Card Number:

número CVV:

CVV Number

  Vencimiento Fecha:

Expiration Date:


Pluma Gate:

$200.00 dollars

  Cuota de Socio:


$250.00 dollars

  Fondo Ligero:

Light Fund:

$410.00 dollars Each

Fondo Legal:

Legal Fund:

$200.00 dollars

  Fondo General:

General Fund: $150.00 dollars

Para: limpieza del parque, eliminación de escombros en la jungla, reparación de caminos, señalización de refugios marinos, suministros de oficina, costo de Internet

For: Park Clean up, Jungle Debris Removal, Road Repair, Marine Refuge Signage, Office Supplies, Internet Cost


We accept payment by credit card, American or Mexican check, bank transfer or cash. We issue Receipts or Facturas for your donations


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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