Akumal Foodie at Casa Cenote — one more time!

Twenty-eight years ago, Gary Phillips, along with Lark, opened Casa Cenote.  Many of us who consider ourselves “Old Timers” in Akumal remember the sheets of paper, stuck under our windshield wipers, telling of the barbeque on the upcoming Sunday.  Would it be brisket or chicken or ribs.  In the early days, there was no power at Casa Cenote and who can forget the blender, operated by a weed whacker motor someone had devised for Gary.

The Foodies were at Casa Cenote last Sunday, and it was still as busy as ever.  The barbeque is now a combination of chicken, brisket and ribs.  That tasty sauce remains the same and the plate of chiles is still at the end of the table.  You can always order off the menu if you choose and I always have a cranberry margarita because it reminds me of my home is Massachusetts.

Casa Cenote has survived through many a  hurricane.  Along with the restaurant, there’s a dive shop, small convenience store, and hotel rooms for rent, with a pool.  The last time I was there on a Sunday, there was live music.  Two guys playing great blues just helped make lunch a pleasant time.  If you get a chance, stop by and say hi to Gary, the tall Texan with the mustache and quick smile.



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  1. I am so happy to hear that Gary and His Casa Cenote Restaurant and Beach Bar is still going strong. Always my go to place when visiting the coast
    Best to you Gary and staff.
    Bill in Tulsa

  2. For 20 years my best Sunday afternoon spot , BBQ Beer and good friends . One of the best views on the coast , keep on rockin Gary !

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