Vecinos Annual Meeting Update

Dear Members and Community at large:
The following is a recap of the annual meeting held 28 February 2019.
Security Program
At our annual meeting this month Vecinos and NAS run by Terry Richardson merged.  Now the pluma, police station, along with the private security will form the basic security system in force in Akumal Norte.  We are in talks at this time with the Director of the Tulum Municipal police force to set up a pilot police program called the Municipal Community Police.  With this program the police officers who are assigned here will stay here, becoming an integrated part of our community.  This program is also being promoted by our new Governor as an exemplar for better relations between the police and the pueblos they serve.  We are the pilot program.  It is my vision that Terry, with his history in running the pluma and private police program, will lead our new overall community security program. 
Community Center Completion

Because of Rhett Schober’s inspirational speech about the importance of supporting the community and completing the community center, we were able to raise enough funds to complete the Center.  We are looking forward to a dedication ceremony the beginning of June.  A big thank you to all of the generous donors who have made this possible.  One more major service is completed in the move to competing our community service programs.

At the members meeting this year we passed our first budget for the entire community.  This budget covers all the costs for running the community.  Instead of supporting two programs, NAS and Vecinos, now Vecinos will pay for all community services.   As well we are working with several different governmental agencies and committees to support the protection of our environment, the education and preservation of Maya history and culture,  a solution for the Sargasso problem, annual clean up of our community, creation of street names and rules for the road, etc. The yearly dues we passed are as follows: 
Casa: $7250.00 pesos (or) $ 392.00 usd
Condo: $ 3000.00 pesos (or) /$162.50 usd 
Empty Lots $ 1500.00 pesos (or) $ 82.00 usd  
To pay as individuals or associations use the form in the post entitled “Vecinos Dues Form”. This budget represents support for all services, pluma, police station and community service programs please support our community. Only through your support of the budget and membership program can we fulfill the services listed. 
Who Makes the decisions? 
Vecinos is the licensed civil association that represents our community to the outside world.   Sometimes I’m asked if I have consulted with other organizations.   From the beginning of my presidency, “Kitchen Cabinet” meetings have been attended by  our board members, ADMAK and other community leaders, because for me we are one group serving our community through Vecinos.

Roy Daniel Freeman, President

One note, the director of internet services for Telmex answered questions about the fiber optic  internet lines.  They’re coming!

2019 Vecinos Officers

President Roy Daniel Freeman,   Vice President Beryl Van Lierop,   Secretary Richard Pargot,  Treasurer Tandy Muir-Warden

Board Members:     Enrique Álcaraz de la Serna,   Henning Bartsch,   James Arthur Cost,   Carly Flores,  Terry Richardson                                                                                  

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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