Tren Maya Station in Tulum

The office of Mexican and English architecture Aidia Studio has designed a train station for Tulum with a large trellis ceiling to be built on the Maya Tren Railway Line.

Aidia Studio designed the perforated roof made of structural steel and glass-reinforced concrete panels to enclose platforms and lobby.  The geometric grid will be glazed in some locations to avoid rain and wooden clad inside. ′′ To cope with this extreme climate, we imagine a large ceiling of open jealousy, glazed in strategic locations, allowing semi-open public spaces that run without mechanical ventilation, “, said the founders of the studio Rolando Rodriguez-Leal and Natalia Wrzask.  The rollover ceiling will allow sunlight and breeze to enter the station.  ′′ The motif on both the outer and inside are reminiscent of traditional Maya geometric patterns “, explained Aidia Studio.

The ceiling is higher in the middle to accommodate a second level of shops and restaurants in an interpend over rail lines and platforms.

Aidia Studio said they were anxious to make sure the station took up as little space as possible in the landscape.


Construction of the Tulum train station should begin in January 2022 and be completed by the end of 2023.

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