Travesia Sagrada Maya -Sacred Canoe Journey to Cozumel

Canoe-xcaret ad   Travesía Sagrada Maya, the Sacred Maya canoe journey to Cozumel,  will take place May 22-24.  This annual event will be the 8th Journey to relive a part of Maya tradition.  The opening evening event will host a Maya market.  Then the air will be filled with blessings by Mayan dancers, warriors and shamans in traditional dress.  Up to 30 canoes will be launched in the early morning hours filled with volunteers who have spent months training for the Journey.  Upon arriving on Cozumel, they will rest and honor the goddess Ixchel in more ceremonies and return to Xcaret at dawn, where a welcoming crowd will greet them.

So even with all the activities in Akumal, perhaps you can find time to take in some Maya culture. To read more about it and the Mayan history that will be relived go to…


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