The Honey Store

macario gomez

Down the road and around the corner is a nice little shop devoted to honey products.  It’s located in the town of Macario Gomez –don’t you just love to say that: Macario Gomez . . .  So hop in the car and head to Tulum.  Turn right toward Cobá at the first stop light, and about 20 km inland you’ll see the sign.



To get to the honey store you have to go all the way through the town.  When the divided highway ends, you’ll see a sign for the store on your left.


And there’s the shop!

Honey is collected from small, local beekeepers, whose hives are surrounded by Dzidzilche bushes, hence the name of the store.  This bush blooms only between March and May, and its honey is known for its “delicate floral flavor”.  It’s considered to be one of the finest honeys in the world.   Some of the local honey is taken to a factory in Mérida which makes the personal care products listed on the sign – creams, shampoo, and soaps.  Candles and candies are also sold, and you can buy just plain HONEY!

For various reasons – heat, lack of rain, disease – honey production has fallen off in some areas.  The man in the store said that the local honey is still going strong.  Their biggest problem comes with  lack of rain, which impedes the blossoming of bushes.  But when that happens, they feed the bees sugar water or honey to get them through.

Quintana Roo, Yucatan, and Campeche produce about 40% of Mexican honey, and export a significant amount to the US.


  1. Hi, I was in Tulum this week trying to find your store, but was not able to. I am back in the US now and was wondering if you have a supplier in the US , or if I can buy directly from you.

  2. We were there in March ’20. Bought a lot of honey. Makes great gifts. Strongly recommend. It is on the main highway between Tulum and Coba. We also bought a lot of Royal Jelly. Great stuff. We will be going back to this store when we return.

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