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drivers licenseThis is the sign on the wall at the Drivers License office in Tulum —  It spells out clearly, nearly, what documents are needed to apply for a Mexican drivers license and the costs for various categories of licensure.  Because our eyes may not be what they once were, we’ve written the info in larger print – and in English:

Applicants need to bring the original and one copy of  •1) their current drivers license;  •2) official identification, such as residency card or passport, photo page copied;  •3) CURP number, which is on the residency card;   •4) proof that you live within the municipio of Tulum, such as a CFE, water, telephone bill that shows your name and address.

So if you’re a residente permanente, bring your “green card” and your electric bill, as well as your current drivers license, with copies of course.

The cost for a license to drive a car is $388, a truck license is $421, pickup or larger.  Motorcycle licenses cost $231.  If you have a resident card but it’s not a residente permanente, you need a temporary license that’s valid for the duration of your card and costs $184.

The drivers license office is located on the road to the beach next door to the Bomberos.  Turn left at the first stop light and go past Chedraui.  The office is on the left.  Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  You have to live within the municipio of Tulum to get your license at this office.

There have been some changes in the last few years.  For example, at one time a medical certificate and eye exam certificate were required:  not any more.  The last time I renewed my license I received the INAPAM  (senior citizen) discount:  also not any more.

So get the Mexican license, then go for lunch!


















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