The Aging Process and Chiropractic

Sorry, but the fountain of youth does not exist, no one escapes the aging process, and good health cannot be purchased.  However, when it comes to the wear and tear of aging on the joints of your body, then there is an effective, natural measure that you can take.

The aging process of the major body joints such as the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, the back and neck can begin at an early age, especially if you were involved in sports, did hard physical work or had an accident.  Even those people who made it through their youth without damage will begin to experience wear and tear or aging of the joints in their 30’s.  And a misaligned joint will speed up the process.  There is more friction in a misalignment and the friction is what causes the wear.

The stretching and adjusting chiropractic maneuvers rebalance the joints, and a balanced joint is a “happy” joint!     When your joints are stiff and sore you feel and look older.  Having your joints rebalanced will not stop the aging process, but it can slow it down significantly, allowing you to function at a better level.

— by Richard E. McCarthy, D.C.

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