TALE OF TWO TAILS: Charlie Brown and Lucy



The head of the snake was in front of me when I opened my eyes on this scariest of days. My brother lay beside me, curled into my body as he always does. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted and then darkness. That’s the last thing I remember on that fateful day.

Inseparable- bonded siblings should stay together!

When I awoke I could feel under my body a softness and warmth completely unlike the cold and wet I was used to. Then I felt something cup the entire length of my tiny, frail body. I was being cradled, and it felt safe.

A warm liquid like my mother’s milk flowed down my throat and all over my face. It tasted so good. I drank until my belly was big and round and I found myself beside my brother once again. His belly was big and round too, and we fell asleep curled together, safer than we could ever imagine.

Our mother had moved us seven times from the tree stump where we were born.  Each time trying to evade possible dangers; each location proving to be as unsafe as the last.

There are many enemies in the jungle; many creatures that threaten my life. The seventh time she moved us would be the last we would ever see of our mother again. The fear of that snake was too great and she fled. 

Luckily, a kind human had been keeping an eye on us.   She saw the snake and snatched us into her arms and into her home to safety.

My foster mom named me Lucy and my brother Charlie Brown. We are five months old now. We love to play and eat and torment the big cats in our foster home. We also know how to use a litter box like the big cats. Most of all we love to snuggle and we know how to hop up on our foster mom’s chest when she calls us.

Now we need to find a forever home; our foster mom says it’s time. But Charlie and I need to stay together. We are bonded siblings — neither of us can do without the other. Between you and me, I think it’s my brother that can’t do without me.  After all, what would Charlie Brown be without his Lucy?

We could bring the greatest joy into your lives. If you are able to give us a loving forever home, or know someone who can, please help spread the word. We even come with a care package of goodies to get you started! 

Contact:  Kerry at 984-217-6518

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