Special Motivational Speaker – Gabriel Najera

Gabriel Najera Akumal Gabriel Najera is an inspiring and humorous motivational speaker who has the instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, empowering them to reach toward goals and dreams they once thought were impossible to accomplish. This amazing man, born without arms and legs, has inspired and motivated people all over Mexico. Thanks to many local sponsors, Akumal will be hosting Gabriel and his family. While they’re here, EZ Snorkel will take him out in the bay to experience the undersea wonders of Akumal. He’ll be trying out a special mask from CEA.

Gabriel has extensive experience in public speaking, television, and radio. His experience extends to motivational trainer and life-coach; he’s also a compelling author. Gabriel’s versatility generates invitations from a wide variety of businesses, schools, and organizations, nationally and internationally. He effectively customizes his life-message to benefit his audience, leaving them inspired and motivated.

Najera believes that people are limited more by attitude than lack of opportunity, especially when fear, anger, or complacency pervades their comfort zone. He embraces hope and courage with a joyful determination to seize every day and blaze a trail for others to follow.

Gabriel will be giving two motivational presentations:

  • Friday May 23 at 6pm in English at Plaza Ukana
  • Saturday May 24th  at 7pm in Spanish at the basketball court in Akumal Pueblo, with musical entertainment starting at 6pm.

Watch the calendar for times of water events, due to weather conditions these events will be posted daily after the water is checked.

Come out and support this event as Akumal continues its commitment to make our town accessible for all!

See more about Gabriel at www.siyopuedo.com

Gabriel Najera

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