RFC Now Required

⇒ Tax reform requires expats to obtain taxpayer registration by July 1

The government says it will help spot money laundering and other illegal financial transactions . . .
—Published on Thursday, May 19, 2022

The RFC is a tax code which identifies each person registered on the Registro Federal de Contribuyentes  (or Federal Contributor Registry).

In order to be included on this registry in Mexico, you must be a citizen or temporary or permanent resident in the country. You will definitely need yours in order to work or receive income in Mexico and therefore pay taxes. Even if you are not a taxpayer, you will still need to apply for your RFC if you are a resident or citizen over the age of 18. As of recently, many administrative procedures in Mexico, such as opening a bank account or major invoiced purchases, now require an RFC for the relevant paperwork.

Watch out: don’t confuse the RFC with the CURP code. Both codes are similar in that they are a unique set of numbers and letters related to your personal data. However, they are different and have distinct purposes.

The CURP is a Unique Population Registration Code, or Clave Única de Registro de Población. This population I.D. code is issued to all citizens and residents. However, unlike the RFC, you do not have to apply for it. Once you get your residency in Mexico, your CURP is also generated and appears on your resident’s card.

Many Mexican banks created artificial RFCs for foreigners who were opening accounts. These bank-issued RFCs are not generally legitimate because only SAT may issue an RFC number.   Check with your bank or go on  line to the SAT.gob.mx web site.

There’s a video from QRoo Paul at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B9kUK37lQA that may may be helpful.

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