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Good Morning!

Since spring of last year, I have pushed for the completion of our infrastructural projects in order to bring our community into compliance with government requirements. We have completed paving the road from the pluma through the YalKu loop, the installation of new topes according to government specifications, the removal or repair of old topes. Now we begin the next project, lighting the community.

On Tuesday we worked with the solar company to hammer out the contract for street lights and the contract is signed. We are working this project in two phases. Each phase requires a down payment of $10,000 USD for that phase. Final payment for the phase will be made only after the community committee has approved the installed lights. First phase begins on July 1st, when we make the down payment for phase one. This is for the placement of the first 50 lights. The overall contract includes both phases.

A team made up of committee members and solar company staff will walk the community and decide placement for each light, always considering the best placement position for the lot owner.

If you already have lighting, we are asking you to purchase a light anyway. These purchases will be placed in those areas where we have been unable to reach or do not know who owns the lot. It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate extra lights or money. To start off, David and Dan of Casa Gatos will purchase three lights. For total fairness, this email is being sent to every email address that Vecinos has both member and non-members. As community members, we all should contribute to these projects, since everyone benefits from their completion.

Each light will cost $410.00 USD.  Payments may be made by bank transfer, Mexican or US check, Mexican or US cash, or credit card. Vecinos will issue Facturas or receipts for your payments.

At the completion of the street light project any monies not used will automatically be transferred to the central sewage project. Being a public membership organization, our accounts are open for your perusal at any time.

Thank You All for your commitment and support for our community.

Roy Daniel Freeman, President

PS: When you are here please, thank the members of the ADMACK and Vecinos boards all their hard work time they have given in helping to complete these projects.


Asociación of Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.          Email: [email protected]
Mexican Land Line: 984-875-9096 Mexican Cell: 984-801-6371

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