NPR Sunday Puzzle: Accented Syllable


On-air challenge: Every answer is a word, name, or phrase ending on the accented syllable “lay” — in any spelling.        Ex. French city overlooking the Strait of Dover –> CALAIS
1. Person who parks cars at a restaurant
2. Slice of boneless meat or fish
3. Lose by putting in a place you can’t remember
4. Put to rest, as fears
5. French red wine
6. Cry at a bullfight
7. Brand of skin cream and beauty products
8. French for “with milk” (2 wds.)
9. French for “sun”
10. Skiers’ cabin in the Alps
11. Poet Edna St. Vincent
12. [Fill in the blank:] Crème ___ (custard dessert)
13. Car with a roof that folds down
14. Renaissance writer François
15. Singer Robert who won a Tony for his role in “The Happy Time”
16. “Swan Lake,” for example

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