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It’s time to name the streets of Akumal Norte!  The recent annual meeting of Vecinos de Akumal Norte briefly discussed street names for our streets, but no decision was made.  As residents we can suggest street names, though Tulum Municipio has the final sayso.  Some ideas batted around  (mostly after the meeting adjourned) for the main drag were


  • Avenida Gonzalo Guerrero
  • Avenida Akumal Norte
  • Calle Media Luna

Suggestions for the six side streets were names of various local birds, fowers, or animals.

What’re your suggestions for the main entry road and side streets?  Please send your ideas to the Comments Section of AkumalNow.  We’ll  pass them along to the Vecinos Committee.  Remember, the final decision is in the hands of the Municipio.

Akumal Ambulance

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  1. Street names
    Flor Lane … Blue Tang Way …Mariposa Lane …Coral Alley..
    Tortuga Lane … Anglefish Road …Seahorse Lane …Shark Alley… Tucan Lane
    Sandpiper Way …Mockingbird Way …Pelican Lane … pelicano Lane

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