Mayan Garden Club Tip for February: Growing Lime Trees

We all use limón and the lime tree is one of the easiest fruit trees to grow in this area of the Yucatan. It grows between 3-6 meters high and can thrive in poor and rocky soil.

Limes can be used to make a disinfectant for vegetables, insecticide, and as a general cleansing drink especially with mineral water. Lime has an alkalizing effect on the body and its oil is also useful. If you want limes soon, buy a young tree that already has some fruit on it. Only one tree is necessary. You do not need two for pollination.

Plant in a sunny location and well-drained soil. Be sure to pack the soil around the root ball to avoid any air pockets which can trap air and water and kill the tree. A lime tree needs water and fertilizer, especially when young and growing. It takes 3-6 years for the tree to first produce and the best production is 8-10 years. Usually they have two seasons for lime production: May-June and Nov-Dec. Pick the limes when they are just starting to have a little yellow on the dark green. You should be able to feel a little bit of give when you gently squeeze it. A hard lime will not have much if any juice. For information on the Mayan Garden Club meetings and events go to our web site at or write [email protected]

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