Marbleized Holiday Eggs

When I think of Easter a few things come to mind – baked ham, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.  With my Polish ancestry, aside from the religious aspect of Easter, we always had a large kielbasa on a huge plate complete with horseradish, both white and red, and colored, hard boiled eggs in the middle. We looked forward every Easter Sunday to this treat.

In the earlier days of my youth, the Polish priest or the Italian priest (another third of my ancestry) would come to all the parishioners’ homes to bless the food on Holy Saturday.  My siblings and I made ourselves scarce on that day for fear we would have to kneel in the living room during the blessing!  Friday night was egg coloring night at our house, and it was always a ton of fun and a huge mess.  Four kids and one dad, who loved to do it, created more colored water than anyone wanted to clean up.

When I had a home of my own, I continued to color eggs and prepare the kielbasa.  However, I wanted to have fancier eggs. Since I am not an artist,  I found the article about marbleizing eggs in a Martha Stewart magazine and was off to give it a try.  Here’s how I make these interesting eggs.  No two eggs will ever be the same.  Enjoy!

You will need:  • 12 hard boiled eggs, white shells   • White vinegar   • Food coloring   • Olive Oil, save your good oil for salads   • Several mixing bowls depending on how many colors you want to use,  • and shallow bowls to create the marbleizing   • Rubber gloves

1.  In a small bowl, add 1 cup boiling water, 1. Tbsp. vinegar, and 20 drops of food coloring.  I usually do the basics of red, yellow, green, and blue.  Put egg into dye and leave in until the color is to your liking.  I find light to medium shades work better.  Once all your eggs have a solid color, set them aside to dry.

2.   Using the colored liquids you already have, place some of that liquid in a shallow bowl that’s about 1” deep.  Fill the bowl with a ½” of the colored water.  I used the 4 colors I had. Add 1 Tbsp. olive oil to the liquid.  Run a fork through the oil to create swirls.

3.  Place an egg into the mixture and roll it around the swirls with your gloved hand.  The egg will pick up the second color.  Roll it as much as you please and then remove the egg.

4.  Carefully pat the egg dry with a paper towel and set it aside to dry completely.  That’s all there is to it!


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