Luis Donaldo Colosio: Statesman

When you go to The Home Depot in Playa del Carmen, you travel a block on Avenida Donaldo Colosio, named for a famous Mexican.  Who was he?
Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta was born on 10 February 1950 into a Sonora family with a long political heritage.  He studied economics in Monterrey, after which he joined the PRI.  He did postgraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and research at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria before returning to Mexico.  No surprise he followed his family into politics, serving as Senator, government economist, and PRI presidential candidate.
On 6 March 1994 Colosio delivered a controversial but popular speech in Mexico City in front of the Monument to the Mexican Revolution.  He spoke of indigenous communities, government abuse, and the people’s independence from government, all hot issues at the time the Zapatistas were making similar statements.
Weeks later on 23 March 1994 at a presidential campaign rally in Tijuana  Colosio was assassinated.  The accepted theory among the Mexican people was that his own party was behind it,  including President Salinas, as Colosio’s speech was moving away from Salinas’s political agenda to maintain his influence during further Mexican administrations.

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