Directions to the Lampshade Store in Cancún

One of the most elusive items to buy in the Riviera Maya is a lampshade.  Ask any homeowner or property manager and they will agree.  Lampshades have a fairly short life.  As soon as the salt air gets to the metal framework, the shade itself starts to take on a rusted hue.  There are millions of lampshades in our area that are beige with rust rings or stripes and it’s not a pretty look.

Now, I don’t want you to get too excited about this shop.  They have the basic shades, in limited colors and sizes.  It’s best to take your old shade with you, and try to match it up as best you can.  One of my friends has been waiting for months for a custom made shade.  Next time I’m at the store I will see if it’s ready.  Last time we were there, in early December, it was still not fabricated for her.  However, this is probably the only true lampshade store around; I know of no other.

Lámparas & Decoración is located in Cancún, in Plaza Avenidas. Their phone number is 998-273-4280 and their web site is   Hours are 9 AM to 7 PM, daily.

I am going to give you the directions that I took off Google Maps.  I suggest if you have the free Google Map App on your smart phone, plug in Plaza Avenidas in Cancún to have the directions for yourself.  Here is my version:

Follow RT. 307 North to Cancún.  Stay on RT. 307.  Go past the airport and follow the road until you pass the Plaza de Américas, which is on your right.  Stay in the left lane and take the rotary. Get onto Ave. Labna which is straight off the rotary.    Ave. Labna turns into Ave. Tanka.  Follow Tanka, until you reach Ave. Xcaret, where you take a right.  Ave Xcaret is divided and of course, you’ll be on the wrong side of  Ave. Xcaret.  Go past the Plaza Avenidas, which is on your left,  take the rotary and reverse onto the other side of Ave Xcaret.  The Plaza will be on your right.

Once in the Plaza, you will see the Assis fabric store, and the lampshade store is next door.  From the Plaza, you can see the Hong Kong restaurant we are all so familiar with, which is right near Sam’s and Wal-Mart.  Other familiar signs in the Plaza Avenidas are Burger King and Subway.   I have only been to the store once, as an observer, and paying attention to the street names and landmarks makes it a bit easier to find.  Good hunting!



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