Cancun International Airport Tips

When I left Mexico in April 2017, I saw the kiosks in the airport for quicker service in obtaining boarding passes and tags for checked bags.  I had not encountered this before and have a couple of tips for using the kiosks.

First, have the locator number of your ticket in your hand.   The locator number is listed on your itinerary  That gets entered first. The locator number is also on your boarding pass, if you’ve already printed it. Next, your passport goes into the slot.  At some point the screen will ask if you’re checking luggage, among a ton of other questions! Finally, your boarding pass will be printed out, along with luggage tags.

Once you have your boarding pass and luggage tags on the bags, you can head to the ticket counter, drop off your bags,  and continue on. Some airlines handle this more expediently than others.

People in red jackets are wandering around to help you with the process.  I had a very nice young guy complete the entire process for me, along with taking my checked bag to the counter.  He even walked me upstairs, through an empty security line, and off I went to my boarding gate.  It was certainly worth the $50 peso tip.

Another tip regarding the airport is terminal parking.  When you use the lot, you must pay your exit fee inside the airport or you won’t be leaving the lot! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see the sign when I entered the parking lot, so that was a problem.  Fortunately a very nice man who works within the parking lot offered to take my ticket, pay my fee for me, and return with the paid ticket to insert into the exit gate.  Again, this was worth a small tip to a very helpful man.

The second time I used the parking lot, only one of the two parking payment machines worked.  Just make sure you go just inside the first set of doors in each terminal to pay your fee.  Remember to have that parking ticket with you.

We’d love to hear from others with similar experiences.  It’s great to be able to help fellow travelers with tips to make traveling a bit easier.  How about recommendations on airport food.  Who has the best, or which place is the quickest when you’re in a hurry.

Bon Voyage!


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