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Whether you are a full-time resident or a snow bird, TV can be a problem. But there are solutions. One is Shaw Direct TV. A US resident has to pay a middle man a $75 a year fee to have a mailbox address in Canada. It also costs $80 a month for the East /West coast feed. Other people use Direct TV or Dish. I also have Netflix, so my TV watching costs are right up there for the 6 months I am in México. Good thing most cable at home can be put on seasonal disconnect.

Well, now, along comes internet TV. and are two sites I have looked into. One of my friends is using ToddTV and loves it. Both companies have on-line 24/7 help lines and live chats. For two devices, be it a TV with Fire TV Stick − the TV needs a Fire TV Stick which goes into the HDMI port, a tablet, or a phone, you can get over 6500 channels for $20.00usd a month. The more devices, the better the deal.

This is what I’ve found. I come from New England and I can watch all the major networks, the NFL network, Go Patriots and the Red Sox on the MLB channel. I can also isolate my area and put it into a favorites category so I don’t have to search. HBO, Cinemax and Starz are available as well as PPV. And there are channels from all over the world! I have a friend who wanted local Montreal news, and there it was.

If anyone has used either of these sites or knows of others, drop us a note to let us know how they work out.

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