Caminarte: Playa’s Art Walk

I thought I’d meet Xavier for a simple conversation regarding the Art Walk in Playa del Carmen.  It happens every Thursday between the hours of 5–11 pm on 5th Ave.  Spaces are free to any artist.

However, Xavier de María y Campos is not a simple man.  Once we got the particulars of the art walk out of the way, Xavier started to tell me a bit about himself.  He has been with his beautfiul talented wife, Maku for over 50 years. He and a bunch of his friends from Mexico City heard about Woodstock in August of 1969.  Xavier had a van and off they went to Yasgur’s Farm in Bethel, New York. He was not prepared for what Woodstock had to offer — this was in an era of Mexico when even a touch of a woman’s hand was a big move and commitment — and he said he never looked back. He has sinced been to Burning Man and the Rainbow Gathering.

 In 2010 Xavier realized that not much was happening in the Maya communities regarding 2012 and the end of the Maya Calendar, as it is known.  He started the Art Walk to showcase local artists and to increase awareness of this historic event.


He has also created the Pyramid of Positive Thinking. I quote from his literature on the Pyramid : “Mayan people understood time and space more accurately than we do today. They knew that planet Earth would begin a new cycle in 21.12. 2012 exactly where time stopped only to be reborn, based on their astronomical knowledge of the connection between Heaven and Earth , and the synchronicity of his cycles.” During the full moon on January 9, 2012, Xavier started the conceptual art project called the Pyramid of Positive Thinking as a tribute to the Mayan Culture. The pyramid is almost 40′ (12 m.) high by 40′ (12 m. ) on each side. It has the capacity to hold up to a million thoughts. You can contribute your own positive thought in a PET bottle , to help with the construction. The pyramind is located in Aldea Zama in Tulum. You can either go to FaceBook /piramidepp2012 or or contact Xavier at [email protected] Entrance is free.

I spent almost 3 hours talkiing with Xavier. He’s a great story teller, artist, furniture maker, and so much more. He and his wife Maku have created a wonderful life filled with art and positive thoughts. Xavier will open a gallery in the area soon.

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