Indoor Growing: Peace Lily

Peace Lily (Scientific NameSpathiphyllum)

With its dark green leaves and white “flowers”, the Peace Lily will brighten up any living space.  Actually, what most people think of as a flower is a specialized leaf bract that grows hooded over the flowers.  As houseplants, Peace Lilies are among the simplest to care for.  However, proper growing conditions are still important.

Peace Lilies enjoy medium to low light.  What you want your plant to look like will dictate which lighting conditions are required.  In a bright spot, they tend to produce more white spathes and flowers.  In low light conditions, it will bloom less and look more like a foliage plant.  In a bright spot out of direct sunlight, growth will be more rapid and robust than when grown in a dark spot.

Peace Lilies will tolerate underwatering far more than overwatering.  These plants are drought tolerant so try to keep the soil just moist at all times.  Touch the top of the soil – if it’s dry, give it a bit of water.  If it’s wet it doesn’t need any.  Feeding it with a balanced fertilizer once or twice a year will keep your Peace Lily happy and robust.

While the Peace Lily is mildly toxic to cats, dogs and humans, ingesting it is rarely fatal.  However, doing so can result in significant irritation of the mouth, tongue and lips.

Give your Peace Lily a bit of TLC and it will reward you by filtering the various toxins from the air surrounding it.

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