In Memoriam: Our Neighbor Enrique Alcaraz

Enrique Alcaraz, a neighbor and dear friend, passed away early Tuesday morning from complications of dengue fever.  The loss to our community is immeasurable.

A skilled architect, Enrique designed and built many houses in Akumal, and it was a sign of his impeccable character that you could always depend on his word when he undertook a project.  He contributed his time and effort to the community on such recent projects as the paving and repair of roads and the construction of the new community center/security station.  The joy of his life was his art.  His paintings, which reflect a uniquely Mexican magical surrealism, combine skill and intelligence often infused with a sense of humor.  They remain a tribute to his great talent.

Our sympathy goes out to Victoria, his loving partner, and to his daughter Jana and her family.



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