Towel Art Inspirations–The Cat

AkumalNow brings you a second inspiration of towel art — this time a cat.  (Last month’s issue featured a Towel Art Dog).  Over the years I have been intrigued when staying in hotels in different parts of the world by the towel art left on the bed–my first experience many years ago was of a turtle in Las Vegas.  The directions below were taken from a book published by Celestyal Cruises of Cuba.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that many of our Akumal maids have the same skill and creativity–yet few have been outside Mexico.  It demonstrates that imagination is not bound by cultures.


Lucía Pech of Akumal Pueblo created the two cats in the photo–it took her less than 3 minutes! 

Give it a try!













And in Spanish . . . . . . .

Akumal Ambulance

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