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Summer Camp 2021 Recap

Our 2021 Summer camp theme was “Travel in the ecosystems of the world”. The older children learned 7 types of ecosystems and the young children learned 4 types of ecosystems. Projects in art, recycling art, healthy cooking, games, dancing, and 3 different field trips involving many activities comprised the month-long program. The children learned characteristics of climate, flora and fauna, as well as the locations of each ecosystem. We had a class on problem-solving. We talked about global warming and its impact on Mother Earth and how that will continue without each of us changing our habits. Then each child wrote opinions on a paper heart about how we could change our habits to stop global warming and how they want to see Mother Earth. Then we put all our hearts on a tree and made a Tree of Love. As they prepared for the end of summer school presentation, they improved their ability to work in teams, to communicate in order to create an animal together, and to speak in public by presenting animal characteristics. The children now have more affection and love for nature and animals. And they learned about global ecosystems. With these types of classes they develop creativity, self-discipline, social skills, self-confidence, concentration, achieving their goal, motivation and spending time engaged in healthy activities. The children will continue to learn more about nature and animals during our upcoming After School Programs.

Our buildings are 35 years old and have never been consistently maintained. With a few financial commitments from generous donors, we plowed ahead… confident that full funding would arrive once word spread about our massive undertaking! Thus far, we have repaired crumbling walls, leaking roofs, damaged doors and windows. We’ve tiled the classrooms and added a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint throughout, including some new colorful, fun murals. We’ve added 2 small, secure storage rooms and have renovated the bathroom. The children have an amazing new playground area with concrete multi-use basketball court, soccer field and play area, plus a new trampoline and new playground equipment! A brand new solid gate and perimeter fencing was installed to ensure the safety of the children and our facility. This project kicked off in late Fall of 2020 and we’re projecting to finish up within the next 6 weeks. Expenses have been higher than anticipated due to some necessary structural repairs. We need $6,000 USD more in order to pay in full all vendors hired to do the work. If you’re able, then please donate towards this effort!  And please make sure to come visit us so that you can see all of the wonderful improvements for yourself

Hekab Be Biblioteca is 100% supported by donations. All U.S. based gifts are tax deductible Hekab Be Biblioteca 501(c)(3) Tax ID #26-2750810

Paypal:     paypal.me/HekabBeBiblioteca

Check:  Hekab Be Biblioteca, Inc.,  306 St Andrews Rd.,   Newport Beach, CA 92663


Fall Bazaar

Many of you are quite generous with donations of a wide variety of items.  Many of those items we use at the library.  Some we donate to families most in need.

This still leaves plenty of items that we then sell at our bi-annual Bazaars.  With the vast majority of items priced under 50 pesos, it allows the local population the opportunity to purchase clothing and household items for extremely reasonable prices.

Our next Bazaar is tentatively planned for November 20th, 2021.  We are accepting donations of items, September 20th through October 30th.  We will need volunteers to help sort and price items, October 25th through November 19th. Please e-mail or WhatsApp us to arrange time to come by and help us.

 Coming soon! The Hekab Be Library children were asked to paint trash bins for North Akumal. Prior to his death, Neal Breton of  Akumal Norte purchased the bins and paint. Under the supervision of artist Rory Eade a dozen of these brightly colored artworks were created. Keep your eyes out!








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