Guide to Flying into the Yucatán Peninsula

There is nothing quite like getting on an airplane (especially during the winter) and landing in sunny Mexico. But as with all other major destinations, travel to Mexico is not always smooth. That is why more and more holidaymakers are looking for direct flights to their favorite destinations.

Did you know? Chichén Itzá actually has its own large international airport, though it really never “took off.”

Cancún International Airport

This airport is the second-busiest in Mexico (after Benito Juárez) and third in Latin America. It acts as a major hub for Cancún, the Riviera Maya, and southeast Mexico.  The airport has four terminals connected by free shuttles, which leave every 15 minutes.



One of the trickiest things about arriving at Cancún International is finding the best way to get to your final destination.  Unless you have a pre-paid transfer waiting for you, your best bet is to find the ADO bus counter in whatever terminal you happen to be in and go from there.

Cozumel International Airport

Though much smaller than Cancún’s airport, Cozumel International is still a great gateway to Mexico’s Caribbean from several U.S. and Canadian cities, including Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Montreal. The fact that the airport is so close to town and all of the resorts also means short transfer times and less of a need to leave super early.

Pro Tip: Ferries from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen leave every half hour, but it’s still a good idea to buy your ticket ahead of time

Chetumal International Airport

Many people may be surprised to see Chetumal on this list. But as it happens this tiny airport is really growing at quite a surprising pace. At the moment the only international flight from Chetumal is to Guatemala City, but if you are looking to visit  Bacalar or go on to Central America  from a trip to Mérida or Mexico City, flying into Chetumal makes all the sense in the world.

Pro Tip: If you need a wheelchair or assistance at any airport in Mexico, the airport must offer these services at no cost. 

Mérida International Airport

Like Chetumal, Mérida’s airport is currently experiencing quite a bit of growth, but on a much larger scale. Officially the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport, Mérida’s airport has recently been refurbished and is now among the best in the Peninsula.

Pro Tip: To avoid Mérida’s airport’s excessive taxi fees just walk a couple of hundred feet to exit the airport

The Airports of Mexico City


Benito Juárez International draws criticism for its out-of-date facilities, inefficiencies, and chronic delays. Then again this chaos is understandable (to a point) as on an average day the airport’s two huge terminals handle nearly 100,000 passengers a day with flights to well over 100 destinations.   Pro-tip: Benito Juárez airport in Mexico City has some surprisingly good restaurants including Tasca Don Quino, La Mansion, and Vuela Carmela. 

Toluca is officially an international airport, but it currently only operates domestic flights, though new international routes are being planned. So why mention this airport at all? Well, several of Mexico’s low-cost carriers fly on the cheap out of Toluca to destinations including Cancún, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Mérda. So if you are looking to spend a few days soaking in the culture of Mexico City, before hitting the beach, this can be a great optionThough the Felipe Angeles airport opened just last March, it is already showing signs of looking rather run-down.   Inaugurated just this year, the airport was envisioned as an alternative to Benito Juárez, but is marred in controversy and has failed to attract any international flights and only a few domestic ones. It is on this list so you know to avoid it, as its facilities are notoriously terrible.


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