Good Akumal Peeps to Know

As our readers know, our motto is “Good things to Know.”  This new section is called “Good Akumal Peeps to Know,” and we hope you will enjoy it.

Many of you know Shaleen Day,  Wendell’s daughter.  Shaleen has recently made Akumal Pueblo her home, leaving a stressful job in Oklahoma and moving here following her heart and the voice inside it.  Shaleen has embraced the people of the pueblo and discovered her calling – to teach English to the people she now calls family.  She met a local woman who works with the Catholic Church of Akumal Pueblo  that has slowly been working on a church school, and now their dream is coming true.  Just a building of concrete walls when Shaleen arrived, it now has concrete floor, windows and doors, and hopefully soon desks and supplies.  Shaleen teaches classes throughout the day to people ages 5-50.  Her classes are specialized for age group and work category.  For example, if you work in food service, classes focus on your vocabulary; if you are a cab driver, your classes focus on the conversational English you need for your job

There is still much to be accomplished – desks, chairs, and school room basics. Shaleen’s friend Kenneth Dunlap has given $1000 USD in memory of his late wife Danise. This donation has made the church school building a more proper environment with floors, windows and doors.  He is issuing a challenge to the community to match his donation, a challenge called “Angel over Akumal” .  Money can be dropped off at the church or by contacting Shaleen Day.  If you have friends flying in who want to donate supplies, this is a great place to bring them, too.

There is so much good going on in Akumal if we just look around!!!  Thank you, Shaleen Day, for your heart, your help, and your wonderful work in Akumal Pueblo.


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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