Foodie Makes Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian lemonade is actually Brazilian limeade, made with fresh limes. The Portuguese word for lime is limão, so in Portuguese it’s limonada,  lemonade.

There are a few different versions of this Brazilian lime drink, all of which feature fresh limes, but involve a different way of juicing and sweetening them. You can make limonada with freshly squeezed lime juice, or you can use whole limes, rind and all, and blend it all together to juice it. Then, sweeten with sugar, condensed milk or sometimes both!

According to a Brazilian gastronomy instructor in an interview with G1 Brazilian news site, “Some say a Swiss restaurant owner invented the drink. Some say the recipe was invented in a Swiss hospitality school. And lastly, there are sources that claim that the English actually came up with this recipe that blends the lime skins”.

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