Fiber Optics Update

The Telmex rep visited 23 June to share contract detail for running the fiber optic cable into Akumal Norte.  Because we are considered a non-commercial neighborhood we have to pay for installation of the cable.   To run the cable from Central Akumal will cost us $58,640.00 usd, roughly $1,084,840 pesos.  Prior to laying the cable Telmex requires a 50% deposit – $29,320.00 dollars or $5,424,420 mx. 

The contract quote is predicated on 226 houses/condos signing on.  Every one of the 226 are required to pay the cable installation fee.  This is a cost of $260.00 usd or $4800.17 mx for cable installation per household.  Once the installation fee is paid the cost for service will be as follows: households with existing phone lines will pay for the monthly cable service at the mgs level they choose: 10, 20, 30, 50 mgs*.  Those households requiring a new phone line will be charged for the new line installation of $1,310.00 mx.  After that they will be charged for monthly cable service at the level of mgs service they order.  

Telmex requires the deposit to be paid in one payment to begin the installation. The community will be responsible to collect the deposit money for them, then pay it all at once to Telmex.  This is what was presented at the Friday meeting; however we are waiting for a final written cost to be emailed to us.  Until we receive that email, this estimate is not considered final.


∗Reminder:  10 mgs @ $349,    20 mgs @ $499,    50 mgs @ $649,    100 mgs @ $899.



















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