Best of the Best, June 2018

June 30, 2018 0
Once again, La Buena Vida Restaurant was the place to be on the first Friday of the month for Best of the Best, June 2018.  Loyal locals and some Puerto Aventuras visitors came together to share an evening of conversation and fun – and, of course, a few libations.  Interestingly, [……]

Fiber Optics Update

June 30, 2018 0
The Telmex rep visited 23 June to share contract detail for running the fiber optic cable into Akumal Norte.  Because we are considered a non-commercial neighborhood we have to pay for installation of the cable.   To run the cable from Central Akumal will cost us $58,640.00 usd, roughly $1,084,840 pesos.  Prior to laying the cable [……]
Akumal Foodie

Foodies at Cetli

June 30, 2018 0
Cetli has been a popular Tulum restaurant for years – excellent Mexican cuisine in a  lovely setting.  Nothing has changed except its location:  it’s now 2.5 km out the Cobá road, on your right past the police hut. Before ordering, diners are invited to sample various moles.                         Then come the [……]
Nature and Critters

The Whale Shark Experience

June 30, 2018 0
Are whale sharks whales?  Are they sharks?  No to both of these questions—whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean!   And, I do mean BIG – average whale shark has a length of 40 feet and weighs 11 tons.  I encourage you to try the whale shark experience! The [……]

Telcel Phone Intrusions

June 30, 2018 2
Telcel has allowed UNO TV to message its cell phone subscribers — sometimes up to 4 times a day!  Well, here’s how to unsubscribe:  Send a text message to the Recipient 2222 with the message BAJA in caps.  UNO will respond and honor your request. Nice when something works the [……]

I Am a Snow Bird

June 30, 2018 1
I am a snow bird. I looked up the definition of snow bird and this is what the dictionary told me:  1. Any of several birds (such as a junco or fieldfare) seen chiefly in winter; 2. One who travels to warm climes for the winter. Since I’m the second [……]

Tech Tip: Cleaning Laptops

June 30, 2018 0
— The following is taken from The New York Times,  27 June 2018.   Written by Michael Slackman.  Link Condensed by AN. How to Clean Your Filthy, Disgusting Laptop You know your laptop is filthy. You can see the dirt and grime on your keyboard. You can see that circle [……]

What’s New — in the Akumal Suburb of Cancun

June 30, 2018 0
According to Riviera Maya News (30June2018), Asur, the group that runs several Latino airports, will spend approximately $6.1 billion mx over the next 5 yrs. to upgrade the Cozumel airport and to construct the new Terminal Five at Cancún International Airport. Also according to RMN, a new ruling from TSA states that as of 30 June [……]
Daily&Weekly Only News

No Booze Sales!

June 25, 2018 0
Federal officials have advised that alcohol sales will be restricted before the upcoming election. The dry law is put into place for public safety on election day, Sunday, 1 July. Here in Quintana Roo, you will not be able to buy alcohol from midnight on Saturday, 30 June until midnight Monday, 2 July.  [……]
Daily&Weekly Only News

Flood Relief Donations Needed

June 21, 2018 0
Heavy rains last week resulted in floods that left many residents of coastal Quintana Roo in dire straits. The Maya community of Chumpón about 50 km southwest of Tulum was left without electricity and residents of 300 homes were forced to evacuate as flood waters rose up to 3 m.  In Bacalar floodwaters [……]