Comings and Goings, November 2014

Comings and Goings,  November 2014, have been exciting  here in Akumal. The AkumalNow staff is considering having a spotlight on a person or families each month. In order to do this, we would also like to include a photograph and a short bio. If you are interested in being spotlighted or have someone you would like to spotlight, with their permission, please give us the information and the go-ahead and we will try to publish it in AkumalNow. Since we would only do one each month,  it might take time to get submissions published. We also reserve the right to edit submissions.

c&g plane

Mike and Linda Mulgrew were here for a week and gone. Possible return in February. Bob Mulgrew was also here for a short stay late October.

Ken Anderson’s (Tequilaville) Mom Dorothy, sister Debbie and hubby Pete, brother Bob and wife Ellen, are visiting.

Rooster and Lorie are back at Chan Chemuyil.

Charlene is back at Super Chomak after an extended stay in Las Vegas.

Sharon and Steve Wandler are back at Punta Sur.

Sharon and John Winkel, along with their friends Bud and Whitney Applegate, are in North Akumal

Jackie and Jim Powers, Jade Beach

Judy and Tom Baxter, Akumal Sur

Mike Cook and friends, North Akumal

Ann, Aimee, and Eloise Christenson are here at Casa Christianson in North Akumal

Annette and Henning’s father, Gunter Bartsch, is here from Germany along with his friend, Barbel Beehrens.

Luca Bray and Eric Von Varden are at Yal Ku Ha.

Peggy Stone was joined by husband Mike and son Jeff in November.

Kay Watson from La Serena, Kari Hohni, North Akumal, Christian and Kathy Altmata, and Joe Simond, have been seen.

Judy and Steve Holtz are back for awhile at Aventuras Akumal

Dianna Simon, former owner of Half Moon Bay Condos, was here with friends for a short stay.

Susan and Joel Fritz are here, Casa Zama, North Akumal.

Sherry and Joseph, and Sophia Tandy and David Beck – North Akumal, Tortuga

Kathy Farrell is in North Akumal.

Alex Bradley from Port Townsend, WA was here for a month doing her volunteer work for CEA.

Liz and Udi Sali are at Punta Sur.

Didier Jackson is back for awhile in North Akumal.

Yolanda and Jamie are here

Cheryl and Donny Hall, along with the rest of the family, left North Akumal after a three month stay.

Bud and Alice Blatner, North Akumal were here to say good bye, we will miss them.

Cori Pongratz Junior and Senior have been seen in North Akumal.

Marti Johnston will be missed greatly by her Yoga Pals and others, as she is leaving to move back to the states.

Toni and Joe Hansmeyer are in town for a week, back to the frozen north, then in Akumal for the winter.

Linda and Wendell Day finally got back to Aventuras.

Natalie is back and ready to sing her heart out!

Sandy and Tom Callaghan are here through Thanksgiving.

Dawn and Carl are at Vista del Mar condos for their yearly stay.

Jan and Wally Koenst are here, will return to the States for the holidays, then are coming back til the snow melts!


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