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You may remember Charlene from Super Chomak

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There is seldom a single individual who has touched so many different aspects of life in Akumal.  A strong candidate for this distinction is Charlene Powell.  Charlene came to this community over 25 years ago in the early 90’s. One of my early memories of her was seeing an elegantly dressed gal walking from La Sirena Condos to LolHa Beach Bar to meet friends at the daily Happy Hour.  The walking became difficult as the years progressed, but visiting with friends was still important to Charlene, and being confined to a wheelchair did not dim her social activities.

She worked part time at Super Chomak and was often the “go to” person shoppers approached to get their questions answered.  Many visitors would have “shopping at Super Chomak “on their list so they could say hello to Charlene, with many crediting her as the proprietor because she was so knowledgeable!

Charlene also took on other projects throughout the years.  Many of these projects gave tourists the opportunity to have a fun day, support a local charity, and even win a few dollars.  Some events that come to mind:  selling tickets for Super Bowl fiesta, running the betting board, and arranging the drawing for the basket of goodies for Valentine’s Day Fundraisers.  She also started a used book sale at Super Chomak and the proceeds went towards education in the local community. Charlene fed around 20 stray and feral cats at one point with the help of Super Chomak and many donations.  She also got as many as possible neutered and saw that they received medical attention. She was also instrumental in rescuing kittens for adoption!

Gallantly she has fought lifelong debilitating infirmities with a smile and never complaining. She always cares for others wellbeing despite her own daily pain.

Over the years Charlene tried to save as much money as she could to retire comfortably in the US. She knew her condition would eventually force her to go back.  The pandemic made it hard for her to travel for her yearly checkup, and then the unexpected fall and transportation to the States took all her savings. Insurance didn’t kick in until she was back in the US, but it has run out now. Therefore, she needs our help now.  She has never asked for anything, always giving and caring. We wish her the very best.

Thank you, Charlene, for your great contribution to the Akumal community!

— Mary and Laura


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