Bits & Pieces – June 2022

  A little this & that from the media.


• Exploring Casa de los Venados, a private home and museum in Valladolid
• Discovering, or stumbling upon, the ancient city of Xiol
• Learn from a master gardener to create amazing multi-colored desert roses


• How Sleep Helps to Process Emotions

• The Unexpected Baking Ingredient That Makes A Great Cleaning Solution
• Help! The Airline Changed My Flight Itinerary (for the Worse)
• Under-the-radar Destinations in Mexico You Probably Don’t Know About — but Should
• Stimulating Brain Circuits Promotes Neuron Growth in Adulthood, Improving Cognition and Mood
• How Guadalajara lost and found a huge stone bridge built by women!
• Using baking soda in your pool: for clean, clear water
• How Cinco De Mayo Prevented the Confederacy’s Win in the Civil War


• In this Zapotec pueblo, the art of weaving is a gift from the ancestors

• A very Tucci tour: Stanley puts his spin on Italian geography
• Turning Trash into Treasure: Tackling Sargassum in Jamaica

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