Bits & Pieces – July 2019

A little this & that from the media.


  Let’s begin with the rest of the news . . .




Mexico wins gold and silver at Central American-Caribbean math olympiad

Politics blamed as fewer U.S. tourists visit Yucatan Peninsula

Quintana Roo signs multi-destination tourism deal with Cuba

Yucatan study shows how resilient the coral reef really

Maya Train route modified, it will run from Valladolid to Tulum

Maya Train route change will relieve development pressure on Tulum

State of Quintana Roo bans single-use plastics        RivieraMayaNews:

Akumal mayor begins street paving work project       Riviera Maya News

500 million to be invested in Playa del Carmen


. . . . . . .  and continue with SARGASSO!

Government to build sargasso barges for Cancun

14Insecurity, sargassum blamed for drop on international      From Discover on Google

Local company markets biofertilizer from sargasso

Mexico’s Navy to help fight Caribbean sargasso

International Sargasso summit held in Cancun       RivieraMayaNews URL:


from Steve Clouther:   The June issue of National Geographic has a very interesting story titled “The Weed That Feeds the North Atlantic” that your readers/subscribers would be very interested in reading. It is about SARGASSUM and the Sargasso Sea. There is a “Believe It Or Not” sentence from a September 20, 1492 entry in the ship’s log that says, “The sailors aboard Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria were of like mind (‘how do we get it to go away’). The weed in some places was so thick that it actually held back the ships.”

Look at


NB:  Property managers can pick up a bottle of  microorganism liquid to spray on sargasso to eliminate odor  at the office of Versa at La Joya Condominiums — ¡gratis!


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!


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