Bits & Pieces – January 2023

A little this & that from the media.

As a result of Governor Mara Lezama’s efforts with the National Institute of Migration, 14 automated immigration filters began operations in Terminal 3 of the Cancún International Airport, becoming the first airport in the country to use an electronic passport system. The automated filters will reduce the passage through this area to 30 seconds and will be used for visitors of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican nationalities.
• Quintana Roo’s sea turtle breeding season deemed a success
• Deadline extended to legalize used cars illegally imported to Mexico
• Oaxaca ex-governor publishes book on trans-isthmus trade corridor
• Curse Words Around the World Have Something in Common (We Swear)
• Biologists promote “Adopt an Axolotl” campaign to raise funds for conservation
• The Aztec Calendar Stone – Not a Calendar After All   
• You Didn’t Make It to St. Louis, but Your Bags Did. Here’s What to Do.
• Human Rights Watch to Mexican legislators: reject electoral reform




• Healing others with time-honored practices, music, and ‘sacred medicines’

• ‘New Uxmal’ reserve will include a luxury hotel and camping areas
• Quintana Roo taxi unions protest Uber’s efforts to avoid public transport requirements

• En Breve Culture: archaeological discoveries, new exhibits and new words    En Breve Culture: archaeological discoveries, new exhibits and new words (


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