Best of the Best, February 2019

Hitting our High Season stride for Best of the Best, February 2019,  was  a real treat to have so many people show up!!!  We are not sure of our exact number–there were 37 random draw tickets, and those went fast.  I would say at least another 20 lovely faces appeared–some at the Bar, and others milling around from table to table.  Our ace photographer, David Zucker, had a tough time keeping up with all these happy Besters.  One interesting aside was the Mariachi Band that seemed to adopt this event — they played lovely and loudly until told it was a private gathering.  Graciously and thankfully, they moved on so others could enjoy their sound.  Best welcomed four new owners — Jon & Deb, Alex & Lisa, and it was nice to see “old” regulars like Lucy James and Wendell Day.  There was even an “original Robin shirt” worn by Hugh Maynard!

As always we appreciate our local restaurants for gifting a free drink to winners in these categories:  Best Shirt, Turtle Bay Bakery and Café (TBC); Best Sandals, Lunita Restaurant, and Best Clever Tee, La Buena Vida (LBV).  And … let’s not forget the Random Drawing  Event:  a bottle of Cueva Vodka compliments of TBC was won by Lucy James and a bottle of Mescal (which is gaining in popularity) was won by Phoebe, compliments of LBV.  Phoebe also won the random drawing for January, 2019, so she graciously offered this month’s Mescal up for another drawing.

Once more as always, our LBV waiters did an excellent job keeping up with everyone’s drink orders and delivering bills in timely fashion to this lively crowd.  ¡Muchísimas gracias, hombres!

Join the fun this Friday, March 1, to see your friends and perhaps be a winner.  The place is upstairs at La Buena Vida Restaurant (LBV), and the time is 5:00 pm.  Please note, LBV has an extended Happy Hour!

Hold it! Late entry for February’s Best Shirt is Richard Hamilton, who along with his wife Donna came all the way to Akumal to pay tribute to Robin, who was his ‘big brother’ in the OmaKron (Sigma Chi) Fraternity.


Robin would have loved this shirt

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