Best of the Best, February 2017

Snow Birds and lots of locals gathered for Best of the Best, February 2017 on a windy February 6 at La Buena Vida Restaurant.  Luckily, the protected enclosed area served its purpose as we were all cozy and friendly; but also, many of our participants enjoyed bar seating.  A new item was added to this event, and the first 44 arrivals received a number for a special drawing.  Bartley Smith of Turtle Bay donated a bottle of Cueva Vodka to the winner of this drawing.  Nice touch; thanks, Bart!

Judges for this event were some recent past winners,Rocio Cüe and John Winkel, along with Mary Henderson; the photographer is David Zucker.  Three categories – free drinks!  Best Shirt Winner, a free drink from La Buena Vida Restaurant; Best Sandals Winner, a free drink from La Lunita Restaurant; and Best Clever T-Shirt, a free drink from  Turtle Bay Restaurant.   Not only is this a fun time to join friends and make new ones, the incentives of having different category winners and a drawing are a special bonus.  Try your luck on the first Friday of each month; next event is March 3.

Akumal Ambulance

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