Best of the Best, December 2019

The shirts were all pressed, the sandals dusted off, and those clever tees fluffed ………you got it…….all for wearing to Best of the Best, December 2019.  There was a fair bit of excitement in the air as 17 people showed up before the event even started!!!  Could be in order to park nearby or to select your favorite table….hmmm,  just being there early and ready to have fun is enough for me!!!

Where is the “there” you ask – our usual meeting place, La Buena Vida Restaurant, on the first Friday of each month at 5:00 pm.  Eventually 42  souls showed up for this Akumal tradition, the last one of 2019.  The weather was so nice and balmy as the judges (Mary, Joel, and Alex) made their decisions about winners.  All three, Carlos for Best Shirt, Nan for Best Sandals, and Gareth for Best Clever Tee were all first-time winners.  I am sure we will see more entries in the future – after all, winning a free drink from three wonderful Akumal restaurants — La Buena Vida  (LBV), Lunita, and Turtle Bay Bakery and Café (TBC) is a treat!  We are pleased to report that another fine Akumal restaurant will be joining the previously mentioned ones–Que Onda.  There are possibilities for a new category or having two winners for one category.  If a new category, you will see it posted here.

The ever-popular random drawings with prizes donated by LBV and TBC had an interesting twist this past month….both prizes were Cueva Vodka, and the winners were Gail Rowland and Isabel Schober.

We look forward to starting the first Best of the Best of 2020 on January 3rd — same time, same place.  Hope to see you there!

And the final Winners of 2019 are . . .

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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