Balance & Flexibility Exercises – 2 More

Balance Walk

  •  Raise your arms to your sides at shoulder height
  • Select a spot ahead of you, and remain focused on it to keep you steady while walking
  • Walk in a B-line with one foot ahead of the other
  • As you walk, lift your back leg and count to 1 before stepping
  • Alternate legs and repeat for 20 steps

Back Leg Raises

  • Stand behind a sturdy chair, grip for balance. Slowly breathe in
  • Exhale while slowly lifting one leg directly back without bending knee or pointing toes. You should not lean forward, with the leg you’re standing on slightly bent
  • Hold this stance and count to one
  • Breathe in while slowly lowering your leg
  • Repeat this 10 to 15 times, then with alternate leg,   then 10−15 times with both legs


Well, I’m totally exhausted!

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