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Today’s tips for y’all.  Instead of avocado slices in your tacos, try a couple of slices of mango instead.  I found it quite interesting, and it seems to mitigate the hot sauce burn.  Hey, any bread makers out there?  I’ve been convinced for some time now that the problem is flavor.  There is none.  A couple of things you can do —(you’ll have to make minor adjustments to the liquids)  replace some of the white flour with whole wheat, not more than a quarter of the total or you will negatively affect the rise and gluten development.  And/or add some dehydrated milk.
     A few days ago, I developed a terrible craving, and made myself some ham and bean soup.  It was yummy, but this is really not the time of year for hot soups.  Much better to concentrate on cold goods, so I try to always keep some kind of salad in the fridge– 3 bean, potato, macaroni– something I can grab instead of fussing with a sandwich or pita or cooking something.
     Although this is definitely a side dish, it’s one of my favorites–quite refreshing, and good for the jaw muscles.
4  medium carrots, grated (I almost never peel carrots–why bother?)
1 Tbsp lemon juice or red wine vinegar (I prefer the lemon juice)
3 Tbsp olive oil
pinch each salt and pepper (salt to taste, of course)
garnish with chopped parsley for a little color
   Do not grate the carrots on a superfine grater like I did the first time, it becomes way too dense. The liquids always settle out, just give it a quick mix, otherwise it will seem dry to the tongue.
Thanx for joining me. Until next time,  Allyn

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