Who is AkumalNow?

Who is AkumalNow?

That is a great question. We are a group of locals that got together and wanted to build a platform for sharing great information, stories, and most of all providing details on upcoming events. If you want to know what is going on in Akumal and the surrounding communities, you found it. Whether you are on vacation, a snowbird, or a long term resident, we are the place to find out what is happening around town.

When do you Launch?

As of this post (April 12th), the site is under construction. We have started to populate our events calendar and are gathering information for our May articles. We “officially” launch May 1st. Until then we are in “beta” mode, so if you encounter any glitches, or total site makeovers, bear with us.

What do you offer?

We will have a events calendar with current events so you know what to do. We update this calendar as soon as we find out. The calendar will host items that are free, for charity, or big local parties. Events that promote only a local business and are not directly community related will be available for purchase at a VERY low price.

Events are only part of it, another big part are the articles, our reporting and stories. We will give you good information on what is going on around you and maybe a few old tales for nostalgia. Subscribers (free) to the site have the option to choose a Monthly, Weekly, or Daily digest. This will be a summary of all new articles since the last time you got the email. If there are no articles, you don’t get an email. We only want to bug you if there is something great to read.

Sponsored Events on the Calendar, huh?

Sponsored Events are for businesses that want to post their events for promotion on our site. We will charge a very nominal fee (probably around 50 pesos) to post an individual event. Events like happy hours that can be summarized can be posted below the calendar for only 100 pesos per month. These fees will go toward funding the operation of this site. We do not seek profit, so if we have a profit, we will find a way to give it all back to the community.

What about Social Media?

We want to make sure we reach all generations. Our founding members span all generations. The best way to do that is a mixture of web, email, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, follow us. It is a great way to keep up with what is going on. We also will share photos on Facebook as they have a great platform for sharing photos. The top of our page has links to our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Can I share?

Our Contact Us page has all the information you need on this? Check it out.

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!