Akumal Foodie at Primer Plato

I am part Italian and I love Italian food. My friends from Playa del Carmen took me to a small restaurant on 15th Av Sur, down near the airstrip, and I am hooked! Primer Plato is owned by Chef Diego.  The food is outstanding. The pasta dough is made right in front of your eyes, formed into the pasta you choose, cooked, and served.

My first meal there was ravioli filled with gorgonzola, pears, and walnuts.  I watched Diego make the ravioli, fill with the cheese mixture, boil them, then plate them with an alfredo sauce.   Oh my, my.  A friend had the carbonara .  Once the pasta was combined with the bacon and butter, Chef Diego brought the pan over to a huge wheel of parmesan cheese, poured the pasta in the middle, then started scraping the cheese into the butter to create a sauce.  Talk about deliciously rich.  Marcia had the fresh salmon with tomatoes on pasta. 

Primer Plato is open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 5pm.  There are only 12 seats and each dish is created individually.   Take-out orders are a huge part of the business because of the lack of seating.  You can go online to check out the menu.  His WhatsApp number is +52 984 168 8745

I personally hope they don’t ever expand.   This little restaurant has unbelievable charm and a chef who loves what he is doing − enjoying his customers and creating delicious food.  If you have a chance, give it a try.  Buona Mangiata!

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